Finding Quiet Spots

-David Mein

It’s hard being an introvert if you live in any sizeable urban area. You’re surrounded by people as soon as you leave your front door, so if you want any solitude, you’re pretty much confined to your house. Of course, introverts are the last people to dislike the idea of staying in, but every now and then, you need some fresh air. The difficulty then becomes finding a spot where you can be alone, and the bigger your town is, the harder that is to find.

It took me a while to find mine. I live in Montreal, a city with about four million people, so it’s almost impossible to be alone. I did eventually find a quiet spot, though; Mont-Royal, the hill right in the middle of the city.

Of course, Mont-Royal is a major park in the centre of the city, so it gets a lot of visitors, but if you go early enough in the morning, it’s a big enough place that you can easily find some empty paths. The last time I was there, I went at around 5:30 in the morning. I still passed a few joggers on the main, wide paths, but as soon as I turned onto the much narrower paths that went through the woods, I was completely alone.

If there are any hidden, quiet spots like this in your town, I’d love to hear about them.


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